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The PrimeTime Personal Brand

How to Amplify Your Influence, Impact, Income, and Joy 

And why my midlife women clients are living and working in purpose--and rocking the most fulfilling and profitable roles of their lives

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The PrimeTime Personal Brand

How to Amplify Your Influence, Impact, Income, and Joy 

And why my midlife women clients are living and working in purpose--and rocking the most fulfilling and profitable roles of their lives

You're an entrepreneur, executive, coach, consultant or thought leader...

...and if you're anything like the amazing midlife women I work with, you're more experienced, more insightful, more intuitive, and more READY than you've ever been to do something truly significant. 

But you're unsure how to wrap your juju into a concise package that interrupts the noise, attracts what you want, and allows you to serve your true purpose on this planet.

And while some days you're sure you were born for massive impact, other days you wonder if you're enough. 

You need a personal brand. And something more.

You can see your next level of success and you know it's yours for the taking. You also know it relies on your ability to attract and build connections with the right people:

Your ideal clients. Industry leaders. Potential strategic alliances. Online influencers. Event coordinators.
HR directors. Media personalities, podcasters, bloggers. Publishers or agents.

You need to communicate how you're different. What you stand for. Why people should choose you.

I get it. I've been right where you are. 

Most branding "experts" focus on the things that matter least: image, identity, logos, colors, fonts, and sizzle. That stuff is fine for first impressions. But it has no impact on your impact unless it's tied to something real

If you want to land the big clients, that next big job, the publishing contract, the platform or exposure to spread your ideas and make the impact that sets you on fire... you need to know exactly what sets you apart. 

And you need to feel confident enough to tell everyone you meet about it.
During Your Free Training, 
You'll Discover...
Why a personal brand is the key to stepping into greater visibility and impact in the second half of life
How to use your mastery to create a PREMIUM brand, even if you're pivoting away from a former career
How to ignore the voice in your head (and society's nasty messages) about our value and power as we age
How to flip the script on "selling" and scale your income by working from purpose and service
Why your very essence is your greatest competitive advantage--and how to see it and express it powerfully
How to confidently build awareness, respect, and true connection with the people who matter most
• JOIN me for a real conversation about how to rock the second half of life •
i'm juju hook...
After 25 successful years as a corporate brand strategist, I struggled with feeling irrelevant, powerless, purposeless and bored in my career and in my own life. I'd bought into the lie that as I lived longer, I was worth less. And although I constantly wrestled with the idea of doing something bigger, better, and truly significant, I wondered if my best work was behind me... If my ship had sailed.

And then in 2015, at 47 years old, I had a break-through (following a break-down) about my potential as a midlife woman. I came to understand that midlife, for women, is PrimeTime. In midlife we're the BEST we've ever been. It's our 8-11 time-slot! Our chance at the big show!

But as I talked with with hundreds of PrimeTime women in research for my book, Hot Flashes, Carpool, and Dirty Martinis--The Quintessential Guide for Turning Midlife into PrimeTime, I found that (like me) so many bright and vibrant women were running re-runs in PrimeTime! These were women who had mastery, insight, power and potential, but didn't know how to pivot to something that filled them up. Women who were always right on the verge of that "something bigger and better," but never made the move.

I also came to understand that we’re all plagued by some pretty nasty beliefs about our value and capacity as we age.

So I closed down my corporate branding agency, and created something specifically for PrimeTime women. It’s equal parts strategy and soul-searching. It’s rooted in self-confidence and resilience every bit as much as tactics and messaging. It's an approach to personal branding that lets us step into the starring roles in our own lives and OWN them.

At 52, I'm no longer on the verge. I’m playing right to my edge.

Here’s the great news: you can, too. This is your PrimeTime.
take an hour out of your day to step into the most significant role of  your life
this is your primetime. and you are everything.

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